anchoredinfaithandlove replied to your post: I love those bow heels from Lilly, but I despise…

Kitten heels are great if you INSIST on wearing heels during the day but don’t want to wear very high ones or if you’re just learning to walk in heels. Otherwise, I entirely agree.

This girl that lives in my dorm wears heels ALL day long and they’re like, 4 inches. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. There are so many stairs and it’s just like…it’s 10:30 in the morning, why are you wearing platform stilettos…?? I’ve never seen her wear flats. She’s like Victoria Beckham. 

  1. stayathomechic said: Before I had my son, I was in heels ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I was rocking my Louboutins while 9 months pregnant. I held out as long as I could but had to switch to flats/lower heels once Jack started running. You can’t chase a 2 year old in stilettos.
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